Jonathan Wolf-Phillips

Personal Coach and Leadership Effectiveness Specialist


After working in various sales and marketing roles in the computer industry starting in the 1980s, I set up New Leadership Ltd in 1999, to enable me to focus on developing my specialist coaching and consulting practice.

All my work is underpinned by an integrated theoretical framework that includes current relevant findings from mind science and brain science (in particular the neuropsychology of the prefrontal cortex and the neurobiology of attachment), and also reflects my experience over the last 30 years working with a variety of individuals and groups, in the private, public and civil society sectors; in organisations of varying size, type and age; in the UK, Europe, the USA, and Rwanda.

I currently work internationally, as a 1-to-1 personal coach and leadership coach with senior leaders. and as a board-level advisor to organisations on leader effectiveness and leadership effectiveness.

Personal Coaching

Life coaching

My particular approach to life coaching is based on carefully structured conversations that help people to clarify and/or keep in mind what is most important to them – over the short-term, the medium term, and the long-term. Clients find these kinds of conversations useful when they need to reflect on current or recent or past experience, or when they need to prepare to make one or more significant decisions.

Personal effectiveness coaching

I use a distinctive ‘hybrid’ approach to personal effectiveness which integrates digital (device-based or cloud-based) and analogue (paper-based) tools, where the choice of tool used is based on what is more practical and neurologically effective. Clients find the personal effectiveness coaching useful when they need to develop the way they organise themselves to enable them to reduce their stress or increase their emotional resilience or spend more of their time on what matters to them most or make better use of their time and talent.

Personal retreats

Two facilitated personal retreat processes are available. The Work Retreat explores past and current work roles and then seeks to discern a future work direction. The Personal Retreat explores and articulates a broader autobiographical narrative.

Leadership Coaching

Team leadership coaching

The team leadership coaching seeks to enhance a person’s capacity to enable effective teamwork, focusing in particular on some distinctive team planning and review methods, and some advanced meeting design and facilitation skills. This can include how to use advanced decision-making methods (in face-to-face meetings or remotely), where clear decisions need to be made in realistic timescales that may need to also include (and sometimes preserve) a range of different viewpoints and levels of support.

Organisational leadership coaching

The organisational leadership coaching seeks to enhance the capacity of a person to lead an organisation effectively through a period of significant change or uncertainty. This can include reflecting in depth on the organisation’s current and future structure and ethos.

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