Organisational Design Masterclass

Making the best use of your time and talent

A half-day masterclass for senior leaders

We offer "The theory and practice of organisational design" as a half-day introductory masterclass presented by Jonathan Wolf-Phillips. This can be delivered 1-to-1 or run on an in-house group basis or as a open event.

It specifically addresses the theory and practice of organisational design in organisations that need to take a mixed approach - one that takes into consideration the following distinctive characteristics: specialist knowledge and skills, intelligence and creativity, individual thinking and ability (autonomy), complex multiple and diverse stakeholder values and interests, often ethos-driven with the need to take a more shared or collaborative or distributed approach to leadership.

This masterclass is particularly suitable for professional services organisations and partnerships.

Masterclass overview


  • Types of accountability structure (linear hierarchy, nested hierarchy, holarchy, heterarchy).
  • Accountability sub-structures within an overall accountability structure.
  • Types of accountability function (ownership, governance, management, implementation).
  • Corporate functions (corporate management, corporate leadership, corporate governance).
  • Types of leadership method (shared, distributed, command and control, associative).
  • The relationship between different types of leadership, decision-making, and accountability structure.
  • Aligning the need for personal autonomy with corporate approaches to accountability and leadership.
  • Anatomy of an organisation’s statement of structure.

Planning and review

  • Embedding ‘operations’ and ‘development’ domains into planning and review methods
  • Different approaches to planning and review, in different types of structure and sub-structure.
  • Different types of thinking, underpinning different approaches to planning and review.
  • Using ‘whole-part’ thinking for planning and reviewing in nested hierarchies and holarchies.
  • Analogue and digital tools to support ‘whole-part’ thinking.
  • Types of collaboration (synchronous or asynchronous; face-to-face or remote).
  • Anatomy of an organisation’s statement of ethos.


  • The difference between thinking and feeling the same together, and thinking and feeling differently together.
  • Types of decision-making method (individual, consultative, voting, collaborative, associative).

Meeting effectiveness for senior teams

  • Designing and facilitating effective meetings, with a particular focus on advanced agenda design methods and ‘intervening with integrity’ facilitation skills.
  • Designing and facilitating effective team decision-making processes, with a particular focus on reaching clear and sustainable agreements (in realistic timescales), in ways that allow for a wide range of viewpoints and levels of support to be expressed, taken into consideration, and if necessary preserved in the final decision.

Personal effectiveness for senior leaders

  • Elements of personal effectiveness (time-management, paper-based and computer-based workflow).
  • A hybrid approach to personal effectiveness (integrating analogue and digital aspects).
  • The relationship between personal ethos and organisational ethos.

Other available masterclasses:

  • Advanced agenda design tools and ‘intervening with integrity’ facilitation skills – half-day
  • Making decisions that may need to include a wide range of viewpoints and support – half-day

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