Personal Effectiveness System

Making the best use of your time and talent

Organising and leading oneself

The personal effectiveness system is based on a taught methodology for individuals covering: Day-to-day time and task management (1½  to 2 days of one-to-one training and coaching), and paper-based and computer-based workflow (1½  to 2 days of one-to-one training and coaching).

The ‘hybrid’ nature of the system means it is an integration of digital (device-based or cloud-based) and analogue (paper-based) tools, where the choice of the tool used is based on what is more practical and neurologically effective.


Quickly and easily organise yourself and your time, while still remaining flexible.

  • A simple, powerful and practical methodology that is easy to learn, use and sustain.
  • Suitable for a wide variety of personality types and learning styles.
  • Clear separation between information, intentions and tasks.
  • Integrates with a variety of computer-based task management and shared diary systems.
  • Based on a specially designed and easy to use paper-based compact binder and appointments diary. The binder is used in combination with a few simple techniques. These techniques take only a few minutes to learn and are easy to apply.
  • The sessions focus on you using these techniques to create and start using your own simple, practical and effective time-management system, that meets your particular needs in your current circumstances and ways of living and working.

Outcomes: Spend most of your time on what matters to you most

  • The system you create for yourself will take into consideration both your work and non-work priorities and commitments.
  • The system will enable you to remain flexible and spontaneous in the moment about how to use your time.
  • The system you create for yourself will also enable you to combine: i) dealing with un-expected tasks, as they arise ii) doing short-term planned tasks iii) working towards fulfilling any medium or long-term intentions that you may have.


  • Create your own practical workflow and information system.
  • Simple and powerful paper-handling and filing system methodology that is easy to learn, use and sustain – both at work and at home.
  • Uses inexpensive and environmentally responsible materials.
  • Able to deal with a large number of files and a high level of complexity.
  • Integrates your paper-based system with any PC-based email, filing or voice-mail systems (mobile, other), as well as any other computer-based workflow application.

Outcomes: File or find anything, quickly and easily

  • The paper-based filing materials are used with a few simple techniques, which take only a few minutes to learn. This means the sessions focus on you using the techniques to create a way of handling and storing paper that meets your particular needs, and takes into consideration your current circumstances and ways of living and working.
  • A similar approach is then used to set up your computer-based filing system (e.g. documents, media files, emails, voice mails, texts).
  • Because the paper and computer systems use a uniform approach, they are able to work together smoothly, side-by-side, which improves overall productivity.
  • Once you have created your system, you will be able to find or file anything in your integrated paper-based and computer-based system within 15 seconds; and make it easier for others to do so too.

All options can include 1-to-1 support (face-to-face or remote or a mixture)

  • Face-to-face refresher coaching to help sustain learning and practice – as and when required.
  • Remote support (email, phone, Skype, screen share) – as and when required.

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