Personal Ethos Process

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Reflective retreats - for work and life

The Personal Ethos process is an externally facilitated (1-to-1), reflective ‘retreat’ process, which articulates a personal ethos (autobiographical narrative and impulse, core task, core values, vision).

The process has been used over many years by people of differing ages in a variety of settings for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Improving the ability to prioritise the use of time and focus, day-to-day;
  • Preparing for a major life decision;
  • Increasing clarity about (or motivation for) an existing or new personal and/or work direction.

Over the years, a common application of the Personal Ethos process has been using it as the basis for an in-depth ‘mid-life review’, for people in their forties, fifties or sixties.

The process is underpinned by a theoretical framework.


After completing the Personal Ethos process, clients can expect to have:

  • Reflected on their past and identified what they remember as being important to them up until now;
  • Reflected on their future to see what they would like to remember as being important to them from now on (and articulated this in a ‘statement of personal ethos’);
  • Identified the current main areas of focus or responsibility in their life;
  • Learned how to identify and refine realistic and flexible, short, medium and long-term intentions, that take into consideration their ‘personal ethos’;
  • Learned how to make short-term day-to-day decisions about how to use their time, energy and focus; that take into consideration the broader context of their ‘personal ethos’.

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