Developing effective self leadership

Making the best use of your time and talent

We work with clients to help them:

Clarify and keep in mind what is most important over the long-term

Two different 1-to-1 facilitated reflective ‘retreat’ processes are available: One process focuses on past, current and possible future work roles (or career direction), exploring, clarifying and articulating an overall ‘work ethos’. The other is a longer autobiographical process that explores, clarifies and articulates an overall ‘personal ethos’.

Clarify and focus on what is most important over the short term

A 1-to-1 training programme based on a methodology-based personal effectiveness system, covering day-to-day time and task management, paper-based workflow and computer-based workflow. The ‘hybrid’ system integrates digital (device-based or internet-based) and analogue tools (paper-based or using other materials), where the choice of the tool used is based on what is more practical and neurologically effective.

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