Effective leadership in organisations

Making the best use of your time and talent

We have three distinct areas of work:

Organisation design process

A facilitated process, which articulates an organisation’s ‘ethos’ (impulse, biography, developmental stage, primary and secondary stakeholder interests, core task, core values, overall vision) and ‘structure’ (overall approaches to leadership, accountability, planning and decision-making).

Organisational effectiveness system

A taught methodology-based system for planning and review, underpinned by a customised internet-based task/project management system, covering day-to-day, medium-term and long-term timescales, in all operational areas (using ‘key performance indicators’) and all development domains (using ‘development intentions’), at all levels of the organisation.

Effective meeting and decision-making skills

Training in advanced agenda design tools and ‘intervening with integrity’ facilitation tools. Includes methods for making decisions that need to include (and sometimes preserve) a range of different viewpoints and levels of support.

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